Terracycle launches suite of ITAD products and services

TerraCycle Include USA TCRW ITAD and E-Waste

The products and services to assure clients their data is destroyed safely.

TerraCycle Regulated Waste (TCRW), a commercial recycling solution provider owned by TerraCycle, Trenton, New Jersey, has launched a suite of products and information technology asset disposition (ITAD) services. The offerings are designed to carry out the compliant and eco-friendly disposal of unwanted electronics while ensuring proper data destruction. “Since the start of the pandemic and the trend of companies embracing work-from-home schedules, IT departments, no matter the size or the industry, require some form of dependable data sanitization,” says Kevin Flynn, global vice president of TerraCycle Operations. “TerraCycle Regulated Waste has created a robust suite of services that allow businesses and consumers alike to streamline their e-waste recycling requirements and ITAD needs with the type of turnkey recycling solutions that TerraCycle is known for.” TCRW offers:
  • e-waste mail-back recycling – The EasyPak Electronics Recycling Container and EasyPak WFH & Workspace Electronics Recycling Container were designed to offer a one-stop solution to recycle any e-scrap that can be powered on or is home to a chip or board parts. This includes LEDs, computers, monitors, telecom gear, fax machines and televisions. These data-secure methods for the recycling and disposition of electronics include a detailed report with make, model and serial numbers of the disposed items that prove that they are securely recycled.
  • bulk e-easte freight recycling – The BulkPak E-waste Serialized Recycling Kit offers managers a turnkey solution for the recycling bulk quantities of electronics that can be powered on or is home to a chip or board parts. This includes CPUs, monitors and e-scrap.
  • ITAD machine solutions – For individual purchase and used by TCRW to process e-scrap received through its mail-back and freight solutions, TCRW offers two systems that ensure the data on the discarded electronic devices never fall into the wrong hands. This includes the Destroy-It Hard Drive Punch, which makes discarded hard drives unreadable by punching hardened steel die completely through the drive, the company says.
To support the growing demand for user-friendly data erasure technology, TCRW says it supplies high-speed and economical degaussing solutions. This line of products provides organizations with the assurance that media and data-bearing devices no longer contain confidential information before being sent offsite for recycling. TerraCycle Regulated Waste also provides customers with a Certificate of Destruction to verify that the devices have been dismantled and all data storage components have been destroyed according to all applicable laws.