Silk textile brand partners with TerraCycle

TerraCycle Include USA LILYSILK
Silk clothing and bedding brand LILYSILK is partnering with Trenton-based international recycler TerraCycle to offer customers the opportunity to recycle their products for free. The LILYSILK Recycling Program was announced Jan. 5. “At LILYSILK, we believe that zero waste can make a huge difference, so we are leading by example in the hope of encouraging our customers to join us,” said David Wang, LILYSILK chief executive officer, in a prepared statement. “Participating in the recycling program is a natural and meaningful way for people to say goodbye to their LILYSILK products when the time comes. As part of our commitment to make the world greener, we are delighted to partner up with TerraCycle to be more proactive regarding environmental sustainability.” Through the recycling program, consumers can send in all non-donatable LILYSILK textiles – including bedding, apparel, and sleepwear made from silk and cashmere – to be recycled free of charge. Consumers can sign up on online, wash and package all textiles in an available box, and mail the box in using a prepaid shipping label. LILYSILK textiles will then be turned into a shredded fiber and used as a filler for cushions, pillows, and linings. “Partnering with environmentally-conscious businesses like LILYSILK aligns well with TerraCycle’s mission to ‘Eliminate the Idea of Waste’ and, in turn, care for the planet,” said TerraCycle Founder and CEO Tom Szaky in a prepared statement. “Through their recycling program, LILYSILK is providing consumers with a sustainable option to part with their LILYSILK textiles that can no longer be passed on or donated when they reach the end of their useful life.” Interested individuals, schools, offices, or community organizations can participate in the LILYSILK Recycling Program.