Recycling program fit for PopSockets products, cell phone cases of any brand launches nationwide

TerraCycle Include USA PopSockets
The maker of the expandable phone grips barnacled to many people's smart phones has partnered with a waste management company to launch a national recycling program.   The PopSockets Recycling Program allows consumers to mail products to TerraCycle centers to earn points that can be used for charity gifts or converted to cash and donated to the non-profit, school or charitable organization of their choice, according to a news release.   The program accepts any brand of cell phone case, as well as all Popsockets products and packaging.   David Barnett, CEO and founder of Boulder-based PopSockets, said his company's mission is to create positive impact.   "That means taking responsibility for our products at every stage of their lifecycle," he said in a news release.   Once collected, products will be broken down and separated by material to be cleaned and melted into hard plastic usable for new recycled products.   Those interested may sign up at bit.ly/PopSocketsRecycling to receive a prepaid shipping label.