McDonald's selects TerraCycle's Loop for reusable cup pilot across UK locations

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McDonald’s reusable cup trial in the U.K. will be the first example of the fledgling Loop program trying its hand outside the grocery sector. Until now, it has focused on providing e-commerce grocery delivery in reusable, refillable packaging in parts of the United States, the U.K., and France. A company spokesperson said Loop remains on track to continue expanding those efforts. The partnership reflects the company’s propensity toward brand name partnerships, which stem from Loop’s need to increase the ubiquity of the service and achieve scale quickly. In a June interview, TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky hinted at the future partnership without naming the company, and said his vision was for the restaurant’s locations to act as collection points for any type of container purchased from any of Loop’s programs. “When they put Loop everywhere, it's going to send a message," he said at the time.