Learn how a plastic wrapper becomes a beautiful picnic table

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CAMDEN, N.J. -- Employees at Subaru of America can eat today's lunch at a table crafted from yesterday's trash. It might not happen overnight, but the environmental efforts at the nationwide headquarters have resulted in several benches and picnic tables completely made from recycled plastic. It's the result of a partnership with TerraCycle, a Trenton business that aims to eliminate the concept of waste. They take a creative approach by converting otherwise non-recyclable goods into art, such as a sturdy park bench. Since 2017, the duo has diverted over 3 million pieces of waste. That amounts to about 24,000 pounds of trash that would have otherwise been dumped in a landfill. The effort is spearheaded by Subaru's Love Promise initiative, which aims to promote positive change for the earth, caring, learning, and pets. Special recycling boxes are dotted around the Camden complex that encourage employees to recycle wrappers, cups, and more. These boxes are shipped to TerraCycle, where the magic happens. Subaru retailers across the country encourage customers to drop off qualified recyclable goods to contribute to the creation of benches and tables for the community. These amenities are donated to parks, schools, and more. For example, the public can recreate on recycled tables at Dudley Grange Park in Camden. Adjacent to Subaru's recycled picnic pavilion is their community garden, where employees grow produce to donate to local food banks. Anyone interested in learning more about how to create sustainable art from their own waste can reach out to Subaru or TerraCycle.