How to Turn Unrecyclable Waste Into an Asset

TerraCycle Tom-Blog
How many billboards did you pass today? If you can even keep count, you're lucky. Most of those are made with vinyl. And most of them get thrown away. Over 3 million a year in the US alone. That's nearly 10,000 tons, or to give you a visual, about the weight of 2500 adult elephants. Once it makes it to the landfill, it's not going anywhere. Vinyl does not biodegrade. We thought something should be done about that. Starting this month, we are. Terracycle together with Yakpak will be turning those billboards into messenger bags, backpacks, and more. As a byproduct of those billboards being built to withstand the elements, these have a lifetime warranty. As Yakpak founder Stephen Holt put it to me, "The only way one of these bags will ever end up in a landfill is if someone chooses to throw it away."