Herbal Essences' New Bottles Uses Plastic Recycled From Beaches

TerraCycle Include USA Herbal Essences
    Herbal Essences is joining the eco-friendly movement, and we’re loving it.   The brands new ‘Beach Plastic‘ collection uses bottles made with 25 percent recycled plastic cleaned up from beaches. Not only are the bottles made from a percentage of recycled materials, but the bottles directly use the trash that is polluting coastlines!     We all know that ocean pollution — plastic being a major culprit — can wreak havoc on marine life as well as litter beaches. And in a sad twist, a lot of this plastic turns out to be non-recyclable due to levels of dirt and exposure to nature. In other words, organizations that clean up beaches send the plastic straight to the garbage, which will end up in landfill.   This collection all started in honor of World Water Day, which falls on March 22. Herbal Essences teamed up with TerraCycle to find a solution to eliminate non-recyclable plastic waste and to bring awareness to plastic pollution. TerraCycle is a recycling company that has made it its specialty to reuse hard to recycle materials. The organization collects non-recyclable waste that is a product of pre-consumer and post-consumer debris, and partners with corporations to turn it into raw materials to be used in new products.     According to Allure, Herbal Essences estimates that it will save an estimated three tons of beach plastic from ending up in the trash!   Now if you’re wondering about what’s inside of the new and improved bottle, don’t worry – it’s the Herbal Essences you know and love. White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint, Argan Oil, and Coconut Milk are the scents getting an eco-friendly makeover with the Beach Plastic launch.   Remember – after you finish your bottle, rinse it and throw it in the recycling!