Earth Day reminds us one person can make a difference

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Annabelle Gurwitch helps us celebrate Earth Day in a new and exciting way so you can make a difference.
HELP THE PLANET BE GREEN ON EARTH DAY How about getting outside and planting native wildflowers? Air Wick Scented Oils and Botanica by Air Wick are partnering with World Wildlife Fund to reseed 1 billion square feet of native wildflower and grassland habitats in the Northern Great Plains over the next three years. For more information, visit www.airwick.us
LIVE MORE ECO-FRIENDLY More than a third of the world’s major urban areas with more than 3 million people are under high or extremely high water stress. We can waste up to 20 gallons of water when we pre-rinse our dishes before loading the dishwasher. So FINISH has launched #SkipTheRinse, a bold initiative to raise awareness of household water waste. For more information, visit www.finishdishwashing.com/skip-the-rinse
UNIQUE TIPS FOR RECYCLING Thanks to Rubbermaid you can now recycle any brand of well-used food storage containers for free through the Rubbermaid’s Food Storage Recycling Program in partnership with TerraCycle. It takes three steps. You register on the website, TerraCycle.com, print a prepaid shipping label and send your old containers in. It’s that simple.