Carter’s Is Launching a New Recycling Program for Kids Clothing Nationwide

TerraCycle Include USA Carter's
The program makes it easier than ever for parents across the country to recycle any old or outgrown baby and kids’ clothing.
In honor of Earth Month, Carter’s is announcing the launch of its recycling program, KIDCYCLE. The program will work with international recycling leader TerraCycle to recycle baby and kids’ clothing nationwide. As kids outgrow their old clothes, parents can mail the items they may otherwise throw out to TerraCycle to be recycled. Getting started is easy, too. All parents have to do is: Go to TerraCycle.com and sign up for a TerraCycle account. Fill a box with the baby and kids’ clothing they no longer want or need. Log into their account to download and print their free shipping label. Seal the box, attach the shipping label and drop it odd at their nearest shipping location. Along with doing a great thing for the planet, parents who are Rewarding Moments members with Carter’s can also earn loyalty points. Now, as little ones outgrow their clothing and parents update kids’ wardrobes, items that would otherwise be discarded can be mailed to TerraCycle and recycled. Carter’s aims to make recycling well-loved, lived-in clothing for babies and children both simple and rewarding, with the opportunity to receive Rewarding Moments loyalty points from Carter’s. “At Carter’s, we are committed to doing our part to preserve the environment for today’s generation of children as well as future generations, which is why we are excited to invite parents to join our sustainability journey,” Antonio Robinson, SVP Corporate Social Responsibility, said in a press release. “KIDCYCLE is an important step toward circularity, which will help reduce the volume of children’s clothing going to landfills and find additional uses for the recycled materials.” “Children’s clothing, especially baby clothes, hold so many memories for parents. It can be difficult to let go of such sentimental items," TerraCycle CEO and Founder, Tom Szaky, also said. "Through their recycling program, Carter’s is providing parents with a sustainable option to part with their children’s clothes that can no longer be passed on or donated.” The program will be accepting baby and kids’ clothing, excluding shoes and accessories, from any brand starting April 13 and throughout the spring. Once collected the clothing will be separated by fabric type, shredded and recycled into materials for another use, such as home insulation and stuffing in workout equipment and furniture. To learn more about KIDCYCLE, visit TerraCycle.com.