Blister pack recycling scheme: 'We've seen an increase in footfall as a result'

TerraCycle Include UK ZWB Medicine Blister Pack Recycling
Niki Watts, pharmacist owner and IP at Vale of Neath Pharmacy in Glynneath, Wales, tells Saša Janković how a recycling initiative has increased footfall for his services. Reducing our environmental impact has become a core part of our business, and tackling the amount of waste we were sending to landfill is integral to this. We also had a number of customers – and patients from the GP surgery we are attached to – coming in with bags full of empty blister packs and asking us if there was a way to recycle them, as blister packets are not recycled by local councils. I did some research and found that Terracycle runs an Empty Medicine Blister Packs Zero Waste Box scheme so we signed up for that.