4 Radical Solutions to Packaging Waste

TerraCycle Tom-Blog
As CEO of TerraCycle, I'm constantly thinking about how to solve problems with waste. From bottle bills to packaging taxes, nothing is too out-there to me. I've come up with four radical solutions that could help curb the problem. Click through for my concepts and let me know your reactions and alternative ideas. 1. Tax Non-Standard Packaging One reason why so few things are recyclable is because of the variety of packaging forms (different composite materials) and styles. If packaging were more standardized, a much greater amount of packaging waste could be recycled. Should we create a standard and tax those brands that use non-standard packaging? 2. Outlaw landfills We could outlaw landfills, incineration, and sending waste outside of the country. While this is drastic, it would drive innovation, and in effect mandate bio-degradable/recyclable/reusable packaging and force consumers to think twice about consumption. Another option, slightly less drastic but probably with equal effect, would be to dramatically increase the cost of sending waste to landfill, thus creating financial incentive to consumers.